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Things To Do In Melaka

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Are you planning your new vacation? Maybe you’ve been googling for the best travel destinations and you discovered Melaka. Stay tuned as Trulyasia.TV shows you the best things to do in Melaka.

Melaka The UNESCO Heritage Site

Ever since 2008, Melaka has morphed from a simple city into a esteemed UNESCO world heritage site that is sought after by tourists from all around the world. Melaka's growing popularity is mainly due to its historic heritage and impressive culinary attractions. Melaka features many fort ruins, temples, colonial buildings and beautiful old architecture.

Places To Visit In Melaka

If you get the chance to visit Melaka, make sure you stop at these locations.

Among the most attractive and popular places for tourists are :

  1. St. Paul’s Hill
  2. A Famosa Fort
  3. Christ Church Melaka
  4. The Stadthuys
  5. The St. John Fort
  6. The Maritime Museum
  7. Cheng Hong Ten Temple

Melaka’s Cultural Heritage And Influences

Melaka is a colorful mix of Chinese, Malay, European and Indian influences, traditions, history, and architecture. The history of this city goes back to the 15th century and it is said that the city was named after the Malacca tree, that is widely spread throughout the region. For a long time, Melaka was the crown jewel of the Spice trade. Throughout history, Melaka has been under several rulings. Dominance by the Portuguese, Dutch, then British rulers, engraved this city with an impressive heritage.

Things To Do In Melaka

There’s just so many things you can do in Melaka. This time around, our host Daniella visited these tourist spots!

Sightseeing & Photography: St. Paul’s Church

This church was built on the place where the last Malaccan sultan had his palace and even if it has been in ruins for almost two centuries, it still is outstanding and attracts many tourists. At St Paul’s Church in Melaka, you can see St Francis Xavier’s marble statue which stands within the spiritual complex. Xavier was the most well-known missionary and there are mysterious stories about his canonization (back in 1614) and his statues missing right arm.

Rest & Rehabilitation: Lekiu Guest House

At this guest house, you can taste the impressive mix of culture, heritage, and history Melaka is known for. This pre-war building (art deco style) was intelligently restored, updating it to present’s modern life, but preserving its old atmosphere. An impressive panoramic view over the old Malacca, the beautiful, comfortable yet luxurious interiors and the style, present in every detail, make this guest house in Melaka a must-see.
45Lekiu - Melaka Guest house Address: 45, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Food & Drinks: Geographer Café

With front row seats to the crowded night life of Jonker Street, Geographer Café will impress you with some great music, a warm atmosphere, and friendly service. You will definitely want to come back and taste more of the Melaka life after taking a break at the Geographer Café. This wonderful place allows its visitors to feel the rhythm of the city and to experience the past-present joint.
Name: Geographer Cafe Address: 83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Nancy’s Kitchen, Melaka

Being passed down for generations, the current third generation of this family is already running this place. All of the recipes have been carefully passed down from mother to daughter and resemble their very first versions. Offering authentic Peranakan dishes, this place will bring you dishes rich in local herbs, spices, and tasty ingredients. You shouldn’t miss the the sambal squid (sambal sotong petai). Here, tourists have the opportunity to dive into the Melaka culinary universe and if you are searching for an authentic Malaysian place, then you should pay this spot a visit. 
Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant Address: 13, Jalan KL 3/8, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

October 2017

Things To Do In MelakaThings To Do In Melaka
Things To Do In Melaka
Things To Do In Melaka
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