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Tadom Hill Resorts

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Featured Destination Episode 1 – The Amazing Tadom Hill Resorts


If you live anywhere near Selangor, it’ll be a real shame if you haven’t visited the Tadom Hill Resorts. With structures made mainly of Bamboo, this resort in Banting  is a unique escape that has something for just about anyone. The ambience of the spring waters and tranquillity of the elusive Emerald Lake has a welcoming aura that provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s an atmosphere that you have to experience to understand.

History of The Tadom Hill


This unique retreat is named after the Chief who brought the Orang Asli Temuan from Sungai Langat to Kampung Bukit Tadom. Before being turned into an ecotourism heaven, the site was a barren land that couldn’t be used for agriculture. Thanks to the joint effort between Dato Lai Yeng Fock and The Jawatankuasa Kampung the ecotourism heaven was born.


As an ecologically sustainable resort, almost all of its structures are built with bamboo; one of the most sustainable building materials. Currently this resort in Banting houses around 80 Orang Asli, 19 other Malaysian and 32 International Volunteers on their team of staff.

Tadom Hill Resorts Prices and Rates


Whether it be the famous team building activities or their more family orientated outings, there are packages that suit your needs. The atentrance fees are really reasonable too. Here’s a rundown.

Resort Room Rates


Unlike your conventional hotels, the this resort has a variety of accomodation options for their guests.

Guests get to pick between the:

  • Bamboo Huts
  • Hammock Spheres
  • Gendui Chalets
  • Bamboo Tents
  • Astana Ninik
  • Eco Tents

You can find the official prices of accommodation on the official site.

Activity Packages

The resort’s main recreational area is known as Tadom Groove, a live performance venue which boasts many other features such as diving platforms, floating lounge chairs (lexies), Tarzan swings, water swings and just about every other kind of swing like contraption you can imagine.

Activities at the resorts can be divided into three categories. The land lovers who hate getting wet would love to know that there are land activities that cater to them. Out of all the activities, the land activities are the least challenging.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tadom Hill Resorts offer activities that cater to adrenaline junkies. Here’s the entire section of activities that are currently available.

How to Get to The Resort?


Do you want to visit this amazing gem yet? Here are a few ways you can get there.

  • Driving: Waze or Google Maps will get you here in an instant. Just key-in Tadom Hill Resorts and follow the directions.
  • Public Transport: There is no direct public transport that’ll allow you to reach the resorts. But, the resort is only a 15-min taxi ride away from KLIA. Alternatively, you can take the 471 bus from KLIA and the resort is a 2KM walk from the Petronas Jalan Perak Kanan stop.
  • Tadom Hill Resorts Van: The easiest way of getting to the resort is by booking a van ride. Pickups are at the Salak Selatan ERL and the KLIA 1 & 2.

Making A Booking & Contact Information


If you have any queries you can always contact resort at their hotline 012-5225728/ 012-5225908/ 012-5225883. Or you can just visit their website at

We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did. There’s nothing like being surrounded by tranquil turquoise spring water, enchanted by the view of the limestone hills, and being treated like a long lost friend. Located 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and 45 minutes away Kuala Lumpur, euphoria conveniently awaits.


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