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Trying Pottery In Perak

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What Is Labu Sayong?

Labu Sayong also known as labu picit or labu ayor is among the pottery heritages of Malay. This handcrafted work originated from Perak Darul Ridzuan. The black gourd shaped labu sayong is normally used for storing drinking water. In the past, mature pumpkins were used for storing water after the pumpkin content has been eliminated and the pumpkins cleaned. This led to the idea of molding labu sayong.

Types and Uses of Labu Sayong

Labu soyang keeps water cool due to its shape, and some locals believe that taking water from it can help in preventing diseases like low blood pressure, migraines and disorders due to the minerals and clay used when making it. Labu gelugor tela, labu tela, labu gelugor kepala and labu tela are some of the items that are similar to labu sayong. Labu soyang producers were inspired to make different items as demand went in the past two decades. They started making water dispensers, pots, lamp bases, vases just to mention a few. Malay potteries can be classified into four categories mainly;

  1. Belanga
    This item is mainly used for cooking curries. It has a wide rim and round base which helps in the even distribution of heat. Periok is mostly used in cooking rice because it is much smaller than the belanga.
  2. Terenang
    This product is commonly used for carrying water. It has a convex-shaped body and a concave neck.
  3. Buyung
    It is commonly used as a water container since it has a bigger carrying capacity.
  4. Labu sayong
    This is an item that is made of clay. Other items familiar with it include labu kepala, labu labu tela, labu kepala, labu gelugor tela and labu gelugor kepala.

Win Kraf Labo Sayong

Address: 11, Jalan Kampung, Kampung Sayong Lembah, 33040 Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia

Visitors have an opportunity to make their desired Sayong at Win Kraf which is located in Kampung Sayong Lembah. The clay items being sold at this place are all human-made, and they are sold at reasonable prices. The artistic and skillful staff are always friendly, and ready to help.

You will have a chance to make your own labu sayong the traditional way. This will involve moulding clay into a shape referred to as labu on a solid wood. The labu will then be left to air dry before being fired in a dome-shaped bricks of wood. It will then be removed when it is dry and red hot. Paddy husks will then be immediately poured over it so that it can create the black sheen color. In case the paddy husks are not used, the labu will be light brown in color. The color of the labu however, will be determined by the iron and mineral content that is present in the clay.

After shaping and semi drying the labu, they will then be smoothed and decorated by engraving. Although the body of the labu sayong will be a little hard because the surface will have been already semi dried, the craving artisan will help you in coming up with a unique creative design to decorate your labu sayong.

September 2017

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